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are we available for programming?

Operational hours
We begin our programming at 9:00 am 
and our last venue would end at 9:00pm

Date Selection

We suggest that you consider three

potential dates when calling or emailing

us to schedule your event. 

This will help to speed the process

for placing you on our calendar.

Other important Considerations

When scheduling your event- 

Remember that the weekends

are the most sought after dates.

Book early

We will consider discounts-

when you consider mid week scheduling.

Remember to check with your

venue to make sure that we are

welcome to come at the time you 

are scheduling our visit. 

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The Heavenly Hive is dedicated to

providing Children and Family 

programming with the

highest standards of excellence.

Here are answers to some most

Frequently Asked Questions!

Who    What   When   Where   How  



is coming into your environment?

All program assistants representing The

Heavenly Hive meet or exceed the

same credentialing standards as 
required by the Commonwealth of Ky.

for working in a Day Care Setting.  

These requirements include, but 
are not limited, to Heavenly Hive’s

personal benchmarks as we seek to 

create staffing that meets and exceeds 
the highest criteria in the care

and supervision of children.

Connie Conkright,

owner and operator of

The Heavenly Hive has had more than 
40 years of experience in working 
with families and children 

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info on Ms Connie

All employees, assistants, volunteers,

and teen mentors have been

intentionally selected by

personal evaluation of skills

within a child care setting.

They are trained in the specifics

of their duties and have exemplified

the highest standards while 

representing The Heavenly Hive. 

All students, participating as mentors, 
are honor roll students with references.

All adults have extensive background

in working with children and families.

All Heavenly Hive participants

have worked under Ms. Connie’s

direct supervision for several years.

Credentials of Participants representing

the Heavenly Hive meets or exceeds

the following standards:

Clean Criminal History

with extensive Background Checks

References and Achievement Awards

One or more staff on site will be certified in

First Aide and Infant/Child/Adult CPR      

Training Certificates for working in

Child Care Environments

Health Screening



can we expect as a part of our programming?

If you need help selecting, modifying

or personalizing your event,

we will be more than happy to assist!

We will secure instructions from you about

 the venue and work with you to create the 

perfect flow for programming. We will

bring our own props and supplies needed

as part of our activities. If you

would like to include something other than

what we provide, we are very glad to work

with you to accommodate those request.

When booking any event, we will explain

the process and flow of the event.

We will discuss environments

and specifics concerning 

decor, seating, parking,

food, activities, target audience,

and address concerns.

Request your 

Event Planner Tip Sheet



is the proper place for an event?

Selecting the proper time and place

for your event is important and

we've been in ever kind of

environment you can imagine!

On the streets, in parades, in tents

barns, offices, classrooms, club houses,

grocery stores, board rooms, 

churches, restaurants, malls, trains, 

busses, boats, uh... just about anywhere! 

Getting permission is the key!

Some store owners may not mind you

being in their space but they may have

conditions about how much they

want to protect their patrons from

interruptions with their activities.

Private venues and open spaces 

are fun and we WILL Stop traffic!

If you're not sure- we can help 

guide you into making the

right choices for a more...

harmonious outcome! 

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